Ten on a Toboggan and other Tales $14

edited by Lynn Keffer, Jaqua-Lyne Pindak, Augusta Scattergood

Chatham is the kind of place its residents are proud to call home. The oral histories recounted in Ten on a Toboggan attest to that fact as they bring to life the experiences of a wide range of people in this vibrant community. Beginning with Barbara Berry Erwin Nelson, whose family ties to Chatham date back to the middle of the nineteenth century, and ending with a current Chatham young adult, born and bred in our hometown, this book takes a chronological look into Chatham’s social history. In preserving these memories, the Chatham Historical Society celebrates the history of our town through its stories.

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Post date: November 6, 2017

It is probably safe to say that any resident of Chatham today will be familiar with the electric trains of New Jersey Transit that speed commuters to and from the city every day. Many Borough residents may not be aware that Chatham was at one time served by another form of electric railway - a trolley line that arrived, thrived, and died before the first electric train on the Morris & Essex Lines even ran.

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