"Igloos" and "Eskies"

Starting sometime around the 1930s Chatham sports teams were known as the Eskimos, or the Eskies. One story remembers a newspaper reporter referring to a Chatham team as the Friesmen, after the Chatham coach, John Fries, before the name got changed to the Eskimos and then the Eskies. The name of the sports team appears related to the name of a popular high school social event held in the late 1940s and 50s, called the Igloo.          George B. recently shared his memories of the Igloo: "The Igloo got its name from the team: The Chatham High School Eskimos. The Presbyterian Church let its gym with stage and kitchen be used. Various groups sponsored the Saturday dances. Refreshments were sold, often home made cookies. Music was by record or sometimes a live band of terrible high school musicians playing canned arrangements. No one soloed except maybe Wally Hankin on drums. Some of our classmates left school early to enlist, other men from earlier classes returned on furlough but it was basically a bunch of kids in HS. One can imagine how out of it the more mature guys felt returning and how childish and immature the kids must have seemed to them. The tunes were Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, the Dorseys...you know, only you don't know. 

(editor's note: Thank you to Paul H. for clarifying some of the information shared in our introduction)


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Post date: July 27, 2017

The Fairmount Cemetery Field Trip, organized by the Chatham Historical Society, has become a tradition for students at Chatham's Lafayette School. 

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