Chatham Yearbook - Prism Memories 2016 - collected by Kelly Krincek

This year began a new tradition at Chatham High School. Students were encouraged to submit their favorite memories to share. Do any of the following memories sound familiar? Feel free to share your memories of Chatham High or life in Chatham with us!

Thank you, Kelly!

“Being a part of Homeward Angel cast and becoming like a family”

“Duct Taping Mr. Curran to the wall”

“Experiencing Cougar Nation and seeing everyone become so close and united”

“Being with my best friends and going to J-Prom!”

“The Football Cougar Night Game and throwing baby powder in the air in the fan section”

“During my sophomore year when we beat Morristown by one point at the Sectional Meet for cross country”

“Winning the Cross Country Championship during my freshman year”

“Growing up going to the fireworks on the Fourth of July”

“Winning States for swimming and riding on the fire truck”

“All my experiences with the play and meeting such great people”

“The Cafeteria cookies”

“Coming full circle from freshman year when our hockey team played at the Prudential Center and won the State Championships to now when the football team is able to play at Kean Stadium to compete for the State Championship. It's so great that we were able to be apart of two games at such amazing venues.”

“Making s’mores in Chemistry Class’

“Challenge Day”

“A memory from my time at Chatham would be one time when I failed a test. I knew I had done badly, and I felt sorry for myself. However, as I sat there with my marked up test paper in my hands, I looked up and came to realize how lucky I was. I go to a school with the best teachers in the state, sitting among the brightest minds in the desks around me. One test doesn’t matter in the span of a lifetime. What matters are the memories you make when surrounded by the people that make you happy.”

“Crawling into the school’s courtyard through the nurse’s window to meet up with my science class (after thinking I had successfully ditched it by going to the nurse)!”

“Having a French Exchange Student”

“Being apart of the Varsity Tennis Team”

“When Mr. Bandel scared Mrs. Scerbo with his clown costume”

“Freshman Year - in general it was really fun and overall just great”

“The last day of Physics”

“Cha Swim”

“Running on the Track Team and doing hurdles”

“Fencing Team”

“Performing with the Marching Band and not being afraid of the audience”

“Cougar Fest”

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It’s time to celebrate the holidays and we kicked off the season in style. The annual holiday party was held December 10 at the home Karen and Mark Hoerrner of 194 Fairmount Avenue. They recently finished a major renovation restoring their home to its past splendor - inside and out.

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